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  • Hannah

Want More Connection With Your Partner? Try This

In today's video below I bring you a way to be kind, loving, and strong in your relationship so you can create more of the emotional intimacy you want.

But first, I must share a preamble. I guess I got a little intense in the previous video. One of my friends who watched it pointed this out, saying, "You were fierce in that video, honey! Go you!" I thought I was just being excited and helpful. But now that she's mentioned it, I was fierce -- for me. I felt a little weird about that.

See, a part of me wants to show up as kind, gentle, and loving all the time, and I worry that people will judge me harshly if I don't (relate at all?) I also know that being fierce-- strong, with conviction, intense-- can sometimes be the best way to get an important message across. As a parent, as a partner, even as a friend.

And that message about taking action I shared in that previous video? It's important that you understand it if you want healthy change in your relationship. It was worth the risk coming off as fierce, and even you not liking it or me, if you actually got what I was saying.

The truth is we can be both kind, loving, and strong in the same moment. Fiercely loving. That's what I really aspire to. What I hope you can be. I'm not perfect at it. I'm growing. And you are, too. Let's keep at it together--because it's the best ways to take our lives and relationships into our own hands and make them the way we dream they could be.

In today's video I bring you a way to do both in your relationship. If you're ready to feel close and connected to your partner, try what I've suggested in the video below-- with conviction and kindness.

So, are you going to harness your fierce love and try it? Please chime in and say "I'm in" in the comments below. And report back in a week or three and tell us how it's going!


You want your relationship to feel more loving and connected.

You're so tired of the tension and distance with your partner. You know you need to do something to change this, but what? How? You know it's more than a video!

That’s exactly what I help my clients with. I hold their hands as they make their relationship much more fulfilling, intimate, and peaceful (even if it's been full of conflict and frustration for a long time).

If you want to feel more even keeled when it's bumpy, to stop questioning if it can last, to laugh and cuddle again like newly weds, to be that couple who still walks together hand in hand into old age…

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