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  • Hannah

When I Wasn’t Calm, Confident, and Composed

I really did cry over cantaloupes. At least, it was mention of cantaloupes that set it all in motion.

You've never gotten upset over such a silly thing, right? Wink wink.

Actually, it turns out many of us occasionally (or not so occasionally) find ourselves overwhelmed by emotion and reacting out of it. As if it's totally taken over. And we often regret it later.

In my work, I am lucky enough to have heart to heart talks with women all over the world, and it's the same everywhere. We don't want to cause more problems in our relationships because we don't have a handle on our own emotions. But it keeps happening.

Here's a personal story that I hope will give you some insight into why this reactivity happens --- especially for Highly Sensitive People and women--and some steps for you to calm it, so you can feel more composed and confident in your skin--even when negative emotions start to surge.

Listen to "I Wasn’t Always Calm, Confident, and Composed (I Cried Over Cantaloupes)" here (click play):

Here's the description:

We humans (especially sensitive ones like me) are prone to reacting strongly when flooded with negative emotions- and usually the result is more negative consequences. In intimate relationships this can lead to feeling at odds, or even at war, with your partner. Never happened to you, right ? ;) In this episode I tell the story of how I went through a very reactive phase in my marriage a few years ago, and how it culminated in my husband and i having a (very silly) argument. Here’s what I learned was at the source of my intense reactions, and how I overcame this divisive habit and have become so much more calm, composed, steady and, yes, confident. It feels so good to feel in control of my feelings and the level of connection in my marriage. Listen here.

Ease those strong emotions, grow your confidence, and accelerate your journey to more connection and love with your partner

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