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  • Hannah

What Happened When I Believed I Could Change The Love In My Life

If you feel at loss as to improve the level of connection and affection in your relationship, here's a story to inspire you.

For so long I didn’t think I could do anything, try as I might, to really change the level of connection and enjoyment of each other in my relationship. I thought, well, I guess this is it. Work, put kids to bed, talk about plans, feel frustrated, empty, then sleep. And start that over the next day.

But I also had this little voice in my head telling me there was “great love” available to me. That it had something to do with me showing up for myself.

I followed that little voice, even when events in my life seem to point out I’d never have the kind of love I deeply wanted:

When showing up for myself seemed to take me further away from my husband, not closer to him. When I felt lost in dark places, and could barely even hear that voice anymore. When I tumbled into pain and the heart of my loneliness. When I thought I may never climb out of self-doubt and confusion.

I trudged onward, anyway. I never abandoned myself or my dream for myself. I stayed committed everyday to overcoming anything in myself that blocked real love from showing up. For me, it was a long journey. I had no one to show me the way.

But I believed I could do it. I SAW myself with the love I wanted. Over and Over.

The magic moment came when I consciously, on purpose, released a big fat pile of resentment I’d been holding onto. Over all sorts of people in my life. Then, as I I'd waved a magic wand, I suddenly had the "great love" I’d always wanted.

It happened seemingly so suddenly when I did that specific work (which I now help my clients do, of course). And it wasn't actually magic. Really it had started years before, when I dared to believe in myself and my ability to have great deep love.

Unlike me, YOU don’t have to struggle on your own for years. As long as you can believe—even just a smidgeon— in the possibility of having that great love you want with your partner, you can get there. Way quicker than I did! Because I will help you. I know exactly what it takes. If you set your mind and heart to it, you can change your relationship in ways you can’t imagine.

As long as you can believe enough to get started, you don't have to wait another day to find your way to the kind of love you want. Simply email me to set a time to talk about how we can get you there. Or schedule it yourself on my scheduler.

With Love,


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