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  • Hannah

How To Be Less Upset About Being Upset

Because we are alive, we all feel unhappy sometimes. It’s part of being human. But it doesn’t feel good, no matter the cause, and at times it can add to the strain we feel in our closest relationships.

I want you to feel happier and more at ease in your life. So I made you this audio post, How To Be Less Upset About Being Upset, to help you understand --and avoid--- the one thing most of us do that makes feeling bad even WORSE. I also open up about my recent struggle with anxiety about something that happened in my life, and the most effective way I work with it— that you can do as well—to ease the upset feelings and feel better.

And I give you a powerful but simple tool you can use for the rest of your life to help ease the discomfort of feeling negative emotion, so you can feel lighter and happier in your life from now on. Click play to listen:

Once you've listened and tried out the super simple suggestion I make, let me know how it goes for you by commenting below. Or ask any question you have! You can always email me privately, too, at

Like what you heard? Want to hear more? Click here for access to all my Love Talks On a Walk ( all my audio blog recordings!)

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