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5 Reasons Things Aren't Improving In Your Love Life

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

If you're reading this it's because you want something to be better in your relationship, yes? There is something little, or something big, that doesn't feel right. Maybe you're questioning if you can go on like this, or afraid that the relationship won't last. Perhaps you've been reading up on how to improve things, or learning more deeply from all my free offerings. And yet, STILL, nothing has really been changing. . .

If that's you, I created this 5 part audio blog series just for you.

So many of you know you want a happier, more peaceful, more fulfilling relationship with your partner, but you aren’t getting far in making that happen. This episode (and series) explores why that is.

What we cover here will grow your awareness of what’s keeping you from healing your marriage and give you the power of choice back —so you can stop feeling trapped and helpless and begin to effectively change things, and make your love life feel how you want it to.

This week I present you with the first 2 Reasons Things Aren't Improving In Your Love Life.


In this first episode, we dive into the first reason I see that stops so many of you from changing things for the better. And I offer some great question to ask yourself so you can start getting momentum today. Click below to play. (If it isn't loading the player, click here to listen)

Helpful links for Part 1:

PART 2:How To Stop Setting Yourself Up For Disappointment In Love

Are you subscribing to this common—but oh-so-unhelpful— idea, which sets you up for disappointment, pain, and stagnancy in your marriage? Find out in this 2nd part of "5 Reasons Things Aren't Improving In Your Love Life”. We look at another primary thing that’s holding you back from creating the change you want in your relationship. Once you SEE this you can start to CHANGE it right away. I tell a personal story about how I make things worse, or BETTER in my marriage, and what you can do RIGHT NOW to start to feel that same kind of influence. This episode will inspire you— and give you the sense of empowerment you need to bust through what’s keeping your relationship unhappy and truly begin to finally improve it! Click below to listen. (If it isn't loading the player, click here to listen)

Helpful links for part 2:

3) This video will empower you to have much more influence over how your relationship feels

PART 3: When The Guidance You Get On Love Isn't Working

If you've tried various approaches to improving your marriage and nothing really seems to be working so well this is for you (part 3 in the 5 part series). If you’ve been reading books, or learning from my blogs posts, videos, and trainings, if you’ve been to a therapist or couple’s counselor, and things still haven’t gotten better in your marriage, this episode will tell you the biggest reason why that is. It boils down to just one little thing, and the good news is it’s easy to overcome —as soon as you see how it’s sabotaging you. I tell you how to work with it — and share a personal story of how I dealt with this, too—so that you can get back into the powerful place of being able to make real changes that stick in your relationship. Take this one to heart, and your marriage— and life— will change in big positive ways.(If it isn't loading the player, click here to listen)

Helpful links for part 3

1)If you haven't yet, make sure you listen to part 2, above for more help showing yourself you can change things.

2) Schedule here: 3) Email me at

Part 4: How To Go From Helpless To Empowered In Your Love Life

If you sometimes feel helpless to improve things in your relationship (I used to!), find yourself thinking your marriage is beyond repair (I did), or if your relationship is fraught with blame, resentment, and reactivity (mine was!)-— this loving compassionate truth-bomb of an episode is for you. If you want to have a lot more control over your experience of love (and life), like I do these days, then dive in now! In this episode I identify a primary obstacle we all face in our relationships, and give you some specific suggestions to start making the shift out of helplessness and into a sense of empowerment so you can begin to make the changes you really want to see in your love life.(If it isn't loading the player, click here to listen)

Helpful Links For Part 4 (3 blog posts to learn more):

PART 5: How To Stop Your Brain From Cheating You Out Of The Love You Want

As human beings we get in our own way when it come to reaching our goals sometimes. I know it’s not always easy to reflect on where we are holding ourselves back from having the love we want in our lives (and I celebrate you for being willing to do so!). It really helps to understand this isn’t actually our “fault” and understand it has to do with how our brains are wired.

This final episode in the “5 Reasons Things Aren’t Improving In Your Love Life” series is packed-full of truth, comfort, and hope. It will help you feel WAY better about why things aren’t as easy to change as you wish…and give you some ideas about how to get your brain working FOR you instead of against you when it comes to love. Come listen for some fun stories and laugh along with me about how MY brain sabotages my goals, and what to do about it when your does, too.

Helpful ink for part 5

If you found these audios helpful, and you want access to my full stash of audio episodes, head here to check them out.

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