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  • Hannah

You'll Feel Secure Love When You Get This Down

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

Deep deep down do you feel like you really matter? If you’re like most women I know the rational part of you thinks, “Yeah, I know I’m a good lovable human being".

But look closer and most of us find another part thinks we aren’t quite good enough as we are.

Insecurity and low self-worth are so common in our world—and in sensitive people. But many people don’t recognize this is the source of so much pain in their love life—even many years into a marriage.

Is it for you? Listen in to this episode of Love Talks On a Walk (it starts off a little slow and sleepy but packs a loving punch soon enough) to find out:

(If the player doesn't load click here)

If you want a deep sustained sense of love in your life and relationship, if you want to stop having strong reactions and feel bad about yourself after, if you want to feel like you deeply matter, listen to this episode.

In it, I discuss some of the signs (if you ever take things personally or feel hurt easily it’s a sure sign some of this is going on for you), share client stories and some intimate details into my OWN experience of how feeling insufficient hurt my marriage in the past.

I also point out where you actually have power when it comes to feeling loved, and give suggestions to deepen your own sense of self-worth, so you can have the most solid foundation for your relationship to recover and thrive.

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