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3 Ways To Fuel More Desire When You’re Not “In The Mood”

Sex and physical intimacy. They are the prime things that distinguish marriage from a roommate situation.

But, many women, especially us highly sensitive women, often find that we just don't’ feel like being sexual with our partner at the end of a long day--or ever!

If that’s a common experience for you, and you feel like it’s putting a damper on the connection and fulfillment you or your husband is experiencing in your marriage, this is a must-listen episode.

We cover:

  • How nothing is wrong with you if your desire tank is low

  • WHY that may be the case and is so common

  • 3 essential things to understand about women’s physiology when it comes to sex that dampens desire

  • 3 keys to working with your unique sensitive physiology and mind to fuel desire and get you in the mood for sex again

  • Tips and insights to make your time with your husband in the bedroom more luscious and passionate again.

The capacity to feel desire starts in YOU and you have total sway over it. The only thing standing between you and it are some very important understandings (which aren’t common knowledge) about how your own body works.

So if you’ve been worrying something is wrong with you or your marriage because you’re rarely in the mood for sex, this episode will set your mind and body at EASE. . . . . . and give you the understandings you need to regain feelings of attraction, desire, and to enjoy and look forward to lovemaking again right away.

(Not seeing your preferred podcast listening platform? It's on most, so go search it there!)



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