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Unlocking a Sense of Lightness in Your Marriage (A Little Drop Of Lightness)

Most of the highly sensitive women  I talk to mention wanting their relationship to feel "lighter"-- easier, more carefree, more warmhearted.  And that IS a place where a lot of joy  can be found in our intimate relationships--if we can access that lightness. . .

The challenge is, as HSPs, we can tend to take things pretty seriously. Not a bad thing, by any means, but it can make it harder to feel that lightness so many of us long for.  So a made you a very "light" ( short and sweet) episode to give you a drop of that lightness right now.

Listen in to hear the one question that can open up a sense of lightness right away, and make space for more and more lightness to enter into your relationship--and whole life--as you let this way of seeing things integrate into you.

Please note that NONE of what I offer here is meant to dismiss or belittle the hard stuff that can comes along with intimate relationships ( that is very real and important to acknowledge). In fact, it is meant to help you navigate through any of that with more ease and peace. 

Let this episode seep into your cells over the coming week or more. . . and see what shifts in you and your marriage from there.

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