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Being A Happy Fulfilled Wife

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

If you've ever felt unhappy in your marriage, if you ever look back on the early days or your relationship --or even your single days-- with a longing for those happier times, or if you ever feel like you’ve lost a part of yourself in this marriage, this episode is for you.

Where does our happiness really come from in our marriages? Whose job is it to bring pleasure and enjoyment to you? Whose devotion to your joy and fulfillment matters most in your marriage?

There's one answer that many of us subscribe to unconsciously that paves the way for LESS happiness and fulfillment, and one that is the route to MORE vibrancy and joy in ourselves and our marriages.

So often we think our man is the source of our happiness in our marriages (don't think that's you? It can show up in subtle ways. Listen in to find out more). But when we do this we totally overlook the deep well of happiness available to us all the time, no matter what’s going on with our partner.

When we hand off this job to our man, it’s almost always a love, joy, and attraction downer. But when we reconnect with our own capacity to bring ourselves a sense of fullness and happiness in our lives, we most often end up inspiring more devotion from our husbands.

Listen in to hear me break this all down with fun stories and metaphors, a 2-step process that clarifies where your own focus needs to be, and real life examples of how powerful the effect all this has on your fulfillment, pleasure, and happiness in your life and marriage.

Listen in to learn how you can have the same experience on all your future travels.

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