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Being Right VS Being Married

The biggest barriers to love come from within our own brains. Today we are talking about a very common one:

The wired-in instinct to want to be right. To see ourselves and our way as right, and others ways as wrong.

Why is this being right thing so tenacious and tempting? Listen in to find out and start to let it go...

Because, though totally normal, this instinct is counterproductive to creating a more loving fulfilling marriage. It causes conflict and struggle in our relationships:

When what we consciously or unconsciously believe is the right way to be is challenged by our partner’s behavior, it's easy to feel like he's doing things wrong, to fall into judgment and even contempt.

Then we may find ourselves trying to impose our ways onto our partner, trying to get him to do things the “right” way, trying to convince him and entice him into thinking and behaving the way we think he should, in an attempt to feel on the same team.

This approach, ironically, steals understanding, respect, and genuine connection right from under our noses.

If we want real connection and deep love, we need to stop the right/wrong thing and open up to accepting differences, big and little.

In this episode, I share client stories, mindset shifts, and 2 specific ways to work with this desire to be right, so you can put an end to the divisiveness it creates and come back to actually feeling on the same team in a deeper way than ever with your partner.

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