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Bring On Those Kisses To Bring On More Love

In your marriage, kissing is like making deposits in your savings account. Kissing regularly is an investment in a love-and-passion-filled future. Not those closed lips pecks you’ve gotten into the habit of ... Go juicier. ...those soft full mouthed kisses, maybe with a little tongue mixed in. For 6 whole seconds or more. That’s the ticket. Do a few of these a day and you’ve concocted the perfect biochemical cocktail (hello endorphins, oxytocin, and dopamine, and more oxygen to the brain) to make you feel... reeaaalllly good. You both get that physical and emotional glow... ...because lips are our bodies most exposed erogenous zone and are associated with a disproportionately large part of the brain compared to other body parts. So when you kiss, you light up your brain in a big way, making you feel alive and connected to your honey. Even if you don’t feel like it in the moment. I often don’t, but I don’t usually “feel like” putting $ into my savings account either— and I know kissing alters how I feel big time in the best possible way. It brings a spark of passion into your relationship and a sense of choosing each other again and again. Truly, kissing a few times a day is a small investment to make for such a delicious return! So lean on the magic of your biology to create that yummy sense of connection you love.

Keep up the kissing, weave it into everyday on purpose and your Love And Passion account will be abundant for the long haul. AND...If you really don't feel like kissing your partner, we've got to look at why. Because whatever it is, it's keeping your relationship unhappy in other ways, too.

There are so many things that get in the way of feeling like kissing him, and of even feeling like connecting. But, I bet deep down you DO want to.

Or at lease you want to want to! And you CAN feel like that again! When we coach together, we'll get you free of the things that are keeping your marriage less than the loving, secure, passionate one you want, and make it a delight again to kiss your partner.

Set up a consult to decide whether coaching with me is right for you!



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