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Calming Annoyance And Irritation

If you are a normal HSP, you feel irritated and annoyed at your significant other sometimes. Maybe a lot of sometimes…And likely more so in these times, love in the time of corona….with perhaps your only social outlet being your partner!

Even in normal times….there are many reasons for this. Especially for the sensitive soul.

But feeling annoyed a lot is an all too common struggle and makes a pretty negative impact on your relationship. Because who wants to feel annoyed at the person you ultimately want to be experiencing the most LOVE with, right?

Though we may not be able to fully escape an occasional bout of irritation, we can make it a lot easier on ourselves, and on our relationship!

In this episode, I dive into some reasons why we HSPs often feel annoyed and irritated and give you some solutions you can apply right away to make it less of an issue and to prevent it all together at times.

(Not seeing your preferred podcast listening platform? It's on most, so go search it there!)



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