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Calming Emotional Reactivity For HSPs

As highly sensitive people, we feel deeply. So when something happens with our partner that we don’t like, and negative emotions are stirred up, it can lead to reacting strongly. . .

. . .often in ways that lead to more strife and conflict (think: withdrawing, running out of the room, snapping, criticizing, yelling, crying, ranting, going on and on trying to figure things out and feeling unable to stop talking, and other big displays of anger or despair). . . . . . and an inability to resolve an issue effectively. In this episode, we're going to look at why this happens, and what we are trying to do instinctively with our big reactions (it’s a positive intention, but just not so effective or helpful). Most importantly, we're going to get practical and very specific about:

  • Little life adjustments and bigger internal changes you can make to prevent this from happening in the first place,

  • Exactly what to do when you’re experiencing such an upsurge of emotion (instead of reacting out of it)

  • A very tangible process that actually works to calm yourself down and regain access to that wise mind and heart of yours!

You will walk away from this episode with a very clear understanding of how to get yourself back to the emotionally calm place to most effectively resolve an issue with your partner or move beyond it, so you can come back to feeling close again and on the same team with your husband.

(Not seeing your preferred podcast listening platform? It's on most, so go search it there!)



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