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Caretaking Your Sensitive System for More Love

Being a highly sensitive person obviously means we are more sensitive than others. This has real ramifications in our love lives— both wonderful and challenging.

Luckily, we can support our sensitive selves in ways that amplify the best parts of our sensitivity, and make the challenges of it so much easier. This will involve caretaking your sensitive Mind Body Heart System. . . and, like it or not, MORE deeply and consistently than non-HSPs.

In other words, even if you don't like it, in order to have an intimate relationship (and life) that feels deeply satisfying, nourishing, and fulfilling, you as an HSP need to attend more to your emotional well-being and nervous system regulation than a non-HSP. As I’ve accepted this, and learned how to caretake my sensitive nervous system (and sensitive mind, body, heart, and emotions), I’ve fallen in love with doing it AND what it has led to in my relationship.

This can be true for you, too. Dive into this episode to:

  • Learn why love and marriage can be so hard as HSP without truly caretaking your sensitive system in the right ways

  • Learn why accepting our higher need for emotional caretaking can be difficult, and why it's more than worth it to do so

  • Be inspired by my own story about how doing so changed EVERYTHING for the better forever in my love life

Learn the 2 simple but essential foundational steps to get started with right away that will make the same thing possible for you and your marriage. Without this emotional tending, the kind of relationship you most want–full of love, lightheartedness, attraction, effective and connecting communication, and mutual supportiveness–is likely to remain elusive. But with it? You set the stage for what can feel like magic to happen in your relationship. Dive in to begin.

Listen in here or below to find out how you can, too!

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