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Discouraged In Love? 3 Toxic Marriage Myths Causing It

If you are at all discouraged in your relationship, you must listen to this episode. (I’m calling it a bonus episode simply because I’m giving it to you today as it contains time-sensitive info and I’m going to be on a short podcast break –talk to you again in several weeks!)


  • you feel like there’s not much chance for growth in your marriage,

  • your spouse is resistant to working on your relationship with you,

  • you feel unmotivated to put much more effort in because it feels a bit hopeless,

  • or you just aren't sure it’s worth it to try too much with your spouse with everything you have on your plate and how little difference it seems to make

….I’m here to give you hope that the mutually supportive, deeply connected and loving marriage you want IS POSSIBLE. Because the reason you are discouraged isn't just because of your significant other or the dynamics between you. It’s because of something much more sneaky and less obvious: some very toxic cultural messaging that TRULY undermines the relationships we want in our hearts. In this episode, I will expose 3 of these toxic myths most likely playin gout in you and your relationship, and help you do away with them so you feel empowered and hopeful again, and so you are best set up to finally get some real traction on making your marriage the lighthearted, deeply loving, and team-feel one you want. Get ready to finally see the changes you want when you no longer buy into these 3 toxic myths and instead understand the 3 truths about making true lasting change in your marriage. And if you have a partner who’s not doing much to make your marriage better, make sure to listen all the way through this one, as the golden key to change that comes toward the end.

Listen in here or below to find out how you can, too!

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