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Enjoy Your Partner More By Using Love Sight

In the 2nd installment of this 3 part series, you will bring back some of the warmer feelings that form the basis of a truly lasting loving marriage.

Despite what we’ve been told, lasting juicy love and romance aren’t just a result of the right “chemistry”. They are built on a foundation of friendship, respect and admiration for each other.

Even in the healthiest of marriages, those are things we actually need to intentionally grow. By seeing our person as respect and love worthy, by seeing him as precious.

I know, this doesn’t always come so naturally! And it doesn’t mean he needs to do all the right things. Despite what it may feel like, it's not all him that’s creating the disconnection you may feel between you. It’s the fact that you have a human brain--and one that’s rather sensitive to noticing what’s not so good.

When you find it hard to feel love and respect towards your man, you can purposefully walk yourself back towards real connection, and admiration.

No papering over our dislike, or brainwashing yourself with fake appreciation required! Instead, you can find your way to admiration and enjoyment of him again by...seeing with clear eyes. Dive in to hear exactly what I mean and how to do it.

And don’t miss the exciting opportunity I announce at the end!

(Not seeing your preferred podcast listening platform? It's on most, so go search it there!)



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