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Fighting For A Fantasy

Because you live in our world, HSP or not, you are making this mistake--at least to some degree some of the time, unless you’ve done deep work around it already.

Listen in to this episode to hear personal stories and tips to help you to stop this dangerous cultural conditioning mistake from making your marriage harder. Learn the 3 powerful replacement perspectives I offer that are KEY, once you really adopt them, to actually having the fulfilling, loving, supportive marriage you want with your husband. And a way better life overall.

This foundational episode will also set you up with the big picture perspective you need to make best use of the next wave of love and relationship improving tools I’ll be offering in upcoming episodes, so dig in!

Listen and subscribe via Apple Podcasts, or Stitcher , PlayerFM. Leave a review in Apple Podcasts. Listen on Spotify, IHeart Radio, and Google Podcasts, or Pandora.

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