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From Neediness and Hurt to Steady Love: Insights From My Love Journey.

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Rummaging through an old box recently, I stumbled upon some old love letters between my first love and I. Reading them gave me a bit of a shock. At first they had me in tears, a queasy pit of shame in my tummy.

But then I saw something very important about myself that I knew needed to be shared with you.

The letters were a brilliant confirmation of how much change is possible when it comes to love--even if, like I did for so long, you’ve always struggled in relationships with feeling hurt, abandonment, resentment, frustration, anger, neediness, or loneliness.

So, to inspire and offer you real hope, I‘m sharing this deeply personal story about finding these letters and the discovery that my natural approach to love made my early love life very hard.

I share how I unknowingly carried all that pain and deep unfulfilled desire to feel totally loved into my first marriage --to its demise. And how utterly I have changed my approach to love, which has brought me the most REAL, solid, deep love in my marriage now--a love I’d only dreamed of before.

Listen to this audio episode of Love Talks on a Walk to hear:

  • How I dealt with the recognition that I created a lot of (if not all) the pain I experienced in my love life (Hint: It’s not self-blame!).

  • What I finally told myself that made these enormous changes possible for me.Some of what I did-- and you can, too-- to actually make this giant shift in my experience of love and LEARNED to have an amazing relationship.

  • What a solid sense of being loved and of being able to LOVE my husband I have now and how you, too, can have a marriage that, instead of draining you, provides the loving nourishing foundation from which to spread your wings and enjoy a wholly meaningful life.

If you’re experiencing any kind of unhappiness or dissatisfaction in your relationship, this episode will give you the hope and inspiration you need to make the changes necessary to finally have the kind of love you’ve always wanted.

If it was possible for me, it is SO possible for you. Listen in and you’ll see why.

With Love,


P.S. If you haven't listened to any episodes of Love Talks on a Walk yet, and you aren't fully happy in your relationship, this intimate episode above is a great starting place and well worth your time!



Hannah Brooks
Hannah Brooks

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for your comment. This post was just a story of hope and evidence that we can vastly improve our love lives... I didn't intend to cover all that things I did that got me there in this episode (that would take a whole lot longer than a 20 minute episode allows for :) ). But I have shared extensively here on this blog many of the "What's" and "How's" of it. Please feel free to read and watch and listen to all the many posts in this blog that cover much of that. In addition I've published many articles that also share more "how's" that you may enjoy reading. Here are 3 great ones to sta…



Thank you for telling us that we can improve our relationships - but I was hoping you would have explained what it was you realise you were doing yourself which affected yours! Infact what you said was only that we, too could work on ourselves (with your help). So I am afraid I was really disappointed with the lack of actual info about what you discovered and learnt!

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