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From Tension to Calm and Connected with Amy Lepage

Reactivity, tension, and emotional and physical pain can be so normal in our busy day-to-day lives. Yet they totally undermine our ability to enjoy our lives, connect with our loved ones in the deeper ways we want, and reach our goals.

So how do we move back to a calmer, clearer, and more connected place (and stay there more often) --without taking hours out of our days, or making a giant overhaul of our life?

It’s all about the tiny moments--or micro-moments! Join Amy Lepage, Somatic Movement & Functional Movement Therapist, and I as we talk about the micro-interventions you can integrate into your daily life to shift out of any form of emotional or physical pain, so you can experience a much more connection and enjoyment in your life.

Listen to this candid conversation to learn:

  • How connecting to yourself directly for just 1 minute here and 30 seconds there leads to feeling way more centered and relaxed overall and positively enhances connection with others in your life.

  • How our natural tendency to solve things out there is the exact opposite approach to what actually works to shift things for the better…and what to do to really “fix” things.

  • Why bringing our focus to our internal experience makes all the difference in how things go “out there” with our family and partner and even career.

  • How using micro moments starts to create an overall more calm connected environment in your partnership and family.

  • What awareness’s role is in reducing tension and stress

  • How attending to the body is a fundamental part of creating positive emotional shifts

  • Different types of micro-interventions you can try out to develop more emotional agency and feel better all day long.

  • Our own experiences of working with my micro moments to move out of pained, reactive spaces on a daily basis, what that actually looks like in our personal lives, and the profound benefits each of us have experienced by doing so.

  • How using micro moments is a beautiful way to gently and lovingly look at the more difficult aspects of ourselves and build a more compassionate relationship with ourselves— which is foundational to having a great relationship with your partner, feeling lighter, more relaxed, and playful every day, and showing up fully for the things that matter to you most.

Amy is a beautiful example of someone who’s building a loving relationship with herself in the micro moments, and enjoying the ripple effect of sweeter connection, and making a deeply positive contribution to the world.

Dive in to learn how you can do the same.

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Find Amy:

~on Instagram at @lepageamy OR @emergechildbirth

~Email her at: Find Hannah at



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