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From Walled-Off to Connected and Affectionate; Gina’s Story

Gina, a client who worked with me in Treasured, had been totally disconnected from her husband and lonely in her marriage for 20+ years. The connected intimacy we love as sensitive people? There wasn’t any of it.

She wasn’t sure she could change things much after all those years, or how totally disconnected they were,  but she was clear she didn't want her life to feel that way forever, and so she dove into the work.

Low and behold, as you’ll hear, nowadays she and her husband are really connected and even quite affectionate with each other (they started to be just several weeks into our work together). And as she led the way in reconnecting, her husband started joining her in building more and more intimacy between them, so now building and enjoying more and more connection is a totally mutual thing for both of them.

How did she do it? Listen in and she will tell you!

In our conversation, Gina opens up about what things were like with her husband for so long, why and how she completely – and quite quickly – changed things between them, and what the biggest keys were for her that made all of this possible.

Listen in to get a dose of hope and inspiration, and hear some great marriage and emotional well-being wisdom from this highly sensitive connection maestro!

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