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How Being Highly Sensitivity Affects The Love In Marriages (Episode 2 of HSHM)

Understanding your sensitivity changes everything for the better.

So, are you a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)? Do you understand sensitivity and how it affects your love life? This episode will clarify all that for you!

If you’re anything less than truly happy in your marriage, it’s likely in part due to simply not understanding if and how your sensitivity is affecting things. Many of us sensitive people may not even know we are HSP’s until things get tough in our marriages!! Because the most challenging parts of the trait tend to become most apparent in our long-term love relationships. I’ve seen personally how ignoring or not knowing fully understanding sensitivity leads directly to marriages failing. I don’t want this to happen to you. And you don’t have to let it. The key to not only keeping your marriage from slowly crumbling, but to making it amazing, lies in understanding how your sensitivity affects you in your marriage. Because understanding it is the first step to be able to address it. In this episode, I share a bit of my own story, including the challenges it brought and how understanding the unique challenges of sensitivity completely revolutionized my love life… Listen in as dive into 10+ of the specific ways it may be negatively impacting your marriage-- so you can get your sensitivity to start working FOR you and bring more love, ease, and connection into your marriage and all your relationships! Link to check out: Does This Sound Like You? 31 Ways Being Sensitive Can Affect Your Love Life Find me at or on instagram @hannahbrookslovecoach ENJOYING THE SHOW?

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