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How This Secret To Empowered Love Can Be FUN

I've found the secret skill to making my marriage--and LIFE--just what I want it to be. At first, I had a hard time doing it--which I now know is totally normal. Because I was making a common mistake that made me feel crappy when I did it.

But now, I LOVE doing it. It the most powerful thing I can do to feel better and better every day in my marriage, so it's FUN for me. I look forward to opportunities to do it regularly!

Many people, though--maybe you, too?-- make the same mistake I did at first when it comes to doing this. So they feel too awful when they try it, and therefore quit before they EVER see the power it has to bring the love, security, and lightness they so want in their marriage.

This is a tragedy. Because, when you do that, it COSTS you the love and happiness you want.

Because without getting great at this skill, you will leave it up to LUCK or FATE whether or not you have a great relationship. You'd just have to get lucky. I want you to be more in control than that. I want you to feel the power you have to CREATE a great relationship with your partner. Which is what this skill does for you when you get good at it.

So let's clear up the confusion and make this powerful skill FEEL GOOD --even FUN --for you to do. Click below to watch the video:

If you want to be way more effective at getting your partner to honor your requests or be more caring with you, if you want security and a whole lot more lightness in your relationship, start OWNING YOUR POWER. Get good at the skill of self-responsibility.

It's the ultimate in empowered relating.

Owning Your Power is one of the steps in the 4 step process I walk my clients through to take back the power they have to feel amazing in their marriage and get more sensitivity, connection, and support than ever from their partner.

When you coach with me 1:1, I break it down in detail, along with the other 3 steps, in an easy to grasp way so you master it, and --in only a matter of days--start creating much more happiness with your partner.

If you want that, too, email me at and say, "I'm in". We'll chat about what coaching with me will mean for you.

With Love,




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