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How To "Hold Space" For Your Spouse

An episode for both you and your spouse, especially if communication isn’t always the easiest thing between you or if one or both of you ever feel misunderstood or unheard.

 If you want to give your marriage the best chance to be the fulfilling connected one you want–the NEW marriage we talked about last episode– and your partner the very best chance to be the loving, supportive one you want, then the MOST PRACTICAL thing you can each do is relate to each other the way you want to be related TO.  

And one of the most practical ways you can relate to your spouse in the way you want them to relate back, is to “hold space” for them and offer your kind caring presence when they are sharing anything close to their heart with you.

Sounds basic, but it can be harder than you think because so many of our default  human tendencies come up and get in the way, breaking the beautiful opportunity for building connection, deep understanding, and trust.  

So in this episode I share some of the nuances of what holding space and great listening really looks like, and tell you very clearly what it does not look like, and just how it actually do it with the help of the “4 C’s” for the most rich, nourishing, intimate in all ways (wink wink) kind of relationship.

 So listen in, together or separately, and then go apply what I suggest and watch as you both start feeling more respected, understood, and lovingly connected, as well as much better at communicating!

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