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How to LIKE Your Spouse

If you are like many other women,  deep down you probably LOVE your partner, but it can feel like you DON’T LIKE him very much sometimes, yeah?

I’ve been there, too, and it doesn't feel great… because who wants to not like the person they’re planning to spend their whole life with? By now, it shouldn't come as a surprise that this can be even more common of an experience as an highly sensitive Person unfortunately. 

That’s why I want to share with you 6 primary things I've learned from my own experience with re-enlivening my LIKE for my husband. 

So listen in to hear my story of going from feeling rather annoyed often with my husband, and wondering if I even liked him and what it means if I didn't, to realizing one day how MUCH I now truly enjoy him! 

Just like I do, you CAN laugh, be playful, flirt with, and simply enjoy your partner again, when you really implement the 6 steps I share in this episode. 

Don’t get stuck in the myth that there’s nothing you can do from your side of the street to change things for the SO much better.  It simply isn't true.

Listen in and follow my lead, and you WILL start feeling closer and happier with your partner–and even start really LIKING him again. 

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