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How To Not Be A Doormat

As modern women, we’ve been encouraged to not let ourselves be “doormats” in our relationship with men.

And we want to be strong, to not tolerate criticism or unkind treatment, and to stand up for the respect we deserve.

All of which is so important to have a healthy loving marriage, especially as a sensitive person.

But sometimes we do this in a way that actually makes us feel even more walked all over, more like a doormat--and in more pain than ever.

So how do we stop being a doormat for REAL?

Listen in to find out how.

Hint: it has to do with understanding what we can control and what we cannot ...and then learning how to control what we ourselves have dominion over--which is our own selves….and becoming Un-walk-over-able!

Even if your man is sometimes unkind, uncool, and disrespectful, you can put an end to feeling like a doormat-- without FIGHTING, and with dignity, self-containment, confidence, and rooted in love for all involved.

In this episode, I break down the specific of what this entails and get you started on the path to feeling strong, empowered, respected, and being treated with the kindness, care, and love you deserve.

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