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How To Stop Being Upset When Your Husband Gets Upset

Many highly sensitive women feel so uncomfortable when their partners get upset, angry, triggered.

Often, they get upset themselves! Or else, they may tiptoe around in order to avoid emotional upheaval, feeling like they need to stop doing certain things (like asking for time to themselves), or start doing certain things...or they hold back on bringing up important topics because their husband may not handle it well.

If you do any of this (and you may not be super aware of it, so listen in to find out!), it’s is a roundabout (and not very honest or successful) way of trying to prevent yourself from feeling bad.

Not only is it not your job to try to keep your partner from having feelings, but we simply can’t stop anyone from having them! Your husband WILL get upset and be unhappy--sometimes with you.

So let's answer this question: How can you stop being so upset by him having negative feelings?

The good news is that you don’t need to modify your own behavior or avoid topics of discussion to prevent him from feeling bad.

There is a shortcut you can take to feeling at peace when he gets angry or experiences any other feeling.

You might even find, like I have, that what comes out of this is the ability to let upset and negative emotions bring you closer with him, into more understanding, more security and ever deeper love.

Listen in as I break it down for you in this episode.

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