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How to Stop Your Partner From Controlling You

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

It's not uncommon for the highly sensitive women I work with to be in a relationship with a partner who gets mad over little things she does wrong, or tells them, "get off the phone now", tells them "be home by 8", tells them "no, not like that, do it this way", and "hurry up, we'll be late" or "next time make potato salad instead".

This is a recipe for an unhappy marriage. Because being controlled never feels good to any human.

Being worried you're doing things wrong all the time and will get reprimanded for it any moment isn't a setup for feeling at ease and loved. We don't want to feel condescended to, or be bossed around, or seen as less competent humans than our partner. We don't want to feel we aren't respect-worthy.

To feel like a true team in life with our partner, we need to feel like equals with our partner.

So if your partner's controlling side has come out, and you are sick of it, the fail proof way to put an end to it is to become a person who is not controllable. Find out how in this video I made for you:

One last tidbit I forgot to mention in the video: keep at the suggestions. We don't teach an old dog new tricks in a can take a few months to forge this new dynamic!



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