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How To Stop Your Partner From Controlling You

Sometimes we find ourselves in a dynamic we do not like with our partner: we may feel disrespected, looked down upon, controlled. This may be even more common for us HSPs than non-sensitives.

Is there hope to change this dynamic? Can you ever feel like your partner respects you, values your opinion, and sees you as an equal?

Can you stop him from controlling you?

Yes, you can. Without controlling him in return!

In this podcast, we dive into what it takes from your end--which is likely all it will take to totally change this icky dynamic! Just YOU.

I was once someone who felt controlled by men. But I haven't felt an ounce of that in decades! It took some internal work, but I changed myself so I was no longer controllable.

This podcast episode lays out the specific words and actions you can take to stop your husband from exerting control over you.

We also dive into 3 underlying mental-emotional shifts you will need to make in order to keep this up and feel like a natural at it, so you can gain more respectful treatment from your husband and feel on equal loving ground with him.

(Not seeing your preferred podcast listening platform? It's on most, so go search it there!)




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