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How Work Can Support HSP's Lives And Relationships With Laurie Carlson

We live in a world where so much focus and energy is directed into our career or work and being productive. This doesn't work well for highly sensitive people, nor does it support having a great marriage or an overall fulfilling life.

It does not have to be this way. If we want a life we actually enjoy living, we HSPs need to make the shift from life supporting our WORK to work being in service to our lives and relationships!

This is totally possible! Today, Laurie Carlson, a Life Coach who helps HSPs and Empaths nurture their sensitivity so it can be the foundation of their success, and I talk about how.

Listen in to hear:

  • Why our “normal” approach to work doesn't work so well for HSPs (or most humans, actually!) and what it costs us in the other areas of our life

  • How our relationship to our work life has a direct impact on our love life

  • Why our sense of value is so intertwined with having a successful career

  • Steps to disentangle your sense of value from your work and productivity

  • Small but essential changes you can make today as an HSP to start claiming your time to support the relationships, career, and life you really want

  • Stories from our own lives and our clients lives of how we are all, as HSP women with families and careers, working on doing this, and the beneficial impact it's making all around.

Laurie and I are both here to help HSP revolutionize the way we relate to the things that matter most to us in our lives. Join us in this episode to get clear direction and deep insights to chew on that will steer you towards having a life filled with relationships and experiences you love.

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