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Interest Overlap (For More Connection In Your Relationship)

Not feeling as connected as you want to with your spouse? Feeling like you're not on the same page much these days, or you have sort of evolved AWAY from each other?

I have been there and it doesn't feel good. But there is a way back to more connection in your relationship that’s simple and straightforward. 

In this episode, you’ll hear a great remedy to bring more connection into your marriage–in ways BOTH you and your partner look forward to. It’s a process I’ve done myself that really helped me and my husband not just feel more connected, but also have a clear path to more of it forever into our future together.

Today's episode will share exactly how to make sure you have plenty of ways you and your spouse can be together that are fun and fulfilling to both of you. When you apply what I share, you will have the grounds for a more resilient, connected and fun life together into the future. 

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Want to know the very best starting place to focus on to improve your unique marriage? TAKE THE NEW 2 MINUTE QUIZ, "I Want A More Loving Connected Marriage. Where Do I Start?"

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