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Interview With My Husband: Growing An Amazing Marriage With An HSP

I am celebrating this 25th episode of the podcast with a very special guest: My hubby!

We get really open and honest and share what is great and not so great in our marriage-- so you can learn from us and make your marriage more loving and amazing.

We dive right in and discuss:

  • What it’s like for my husband to be married to an HSP-- the challenges are and the joys.

  • How what an HSP brings to the relationship that can really help the relationship be great.

  • How being so relationship-oriented leads to our relationship to being so good

  • How the woman developing big relationship skills makes such a profound difference in our marriages and lives.

  • How we use the hard stuff in our marriage to bring us closer.

  • What we do to intentionally create the experiences we want to have in our marriage

  • What some of the keys are for us (and other couples that include a sensitive person) to make our lives together loving and connected, and fun, while at the same time being responsible adults who care for a family, a home, and careers.

  • Keys to understanding how we women can support our partners in supporting us with our sensitivity.

  • Whether differences make or break a relationship.

  • Cultivating mutual attraction and having a rich fulfilling life together.

  • My husband's wise advice for women on how to approach your partner for the best outcomes.

  • And more...

Come listen and learn from a couple who is thriving not in spite of, but BECAUSE of, sensitivity.

(Not seeing your preferred podcast listening platform? It's on most, so go search it there!)




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