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Emotional Reactivity Is Not Your Fault

Your irritability, your quick-to-feel hurt by your partner or anger or snap at him... is not PERSONAL. It didn’t come from YOU! It came from US! From humans. From millions of years of our primal brain's conditioning, which is just playing out in you now.

These ways of reacting come from the way you and all the rest of us have been wired for eons to see “other” as threat, as bad. From hundreds of generations of ancestors who were under the control of this ancient primal wiring, who never learned how to consciously work with it.  So please don’t use any of it as a reason to think poorly of yourself or tell yourself you’re messed up. Your reactivity DOES NOT MEAN THAT at all. But now that you’re aware that these habits don't just come from you (and perhaps there’s a little bit more acceptance and forgiveness towards this part of you?), it’s time to become the loving master of your primal brain-- instead of letting it be the master of you.

If there’s one incredibly hopeful thing about this time on our planet, it’s that humans are waking up to the power of our own consciousness. 

We are learning how to wield our consciousness on purpose —to feel how we want to feel, to create what we want to create, to behave how we’d like to behave! We’re learning to be the purposeful generative life-giving beings we want to be in our heart of hearts!

It’s been a long time coming, but we are finally able to learn how to do this thanks to the human brain itself

  • Science developed by the human brain has revealed many ways that the human brain works. 

  • The humans brain's ability to self-reflect has, over the ages, shown us the ins and outs of how we fall prey to ancient wiring and how we can choose instead to live from the wiser more intentional parts of our brain. 

The human brain has learned how to hack the human brain for the betterment of our individual lives and our collective life as a species here on this planet. It’s learned how to get us free of it’s own ancient wiring!

But it hasn’t gotten the knowledge and skills out there enough yet. So our old wiring still has most of us:

  • Turning on the ones we love most. 

  • Raising our children in emotionally violent and trauma-inducing homes. 

  • Hating and fighting and destroying our very life breath.

  • Turning against our very own selves, as if we were an enemy instead of our most nourishing loving dear friend!

I feel thrilled, as a coach, to be on the forefront of this society-changing brain revolution--this revolution in consciousness. To have the tools to get us out of the trenches of being driven by the ancient primal wiring. And to be teaching people how to do that for themselves.

Because this revolution starts right here inside you, sensitive soul.  With you learning how to work with and guide your brain:

  • So that you always know how to feel supported, nourished, safe, and loved and loving.

  • So that you cherish this being that you are, as well as the ones you’ve chosen as your life mates: your partner, your children, your friends.

  • So that your marriage and all your relationships support you, vitalize you in tremendous ways.

  • So that your sensitivity sets an example for the less naturally sensitive and shows others the way to be deeply caring.

It’s only by starting in each one of us, in our own minds and hearts, in our own homes, that this revolution can ever truly happen.

When enough of us choose this, it will spread like wildfire to burn out the hate and animosity that is killing us, and replace it with the warmth of heart, cooperation, support, creativity, and the deeply needed sensitivity that will heal our planet and hearts.

It starts with you. Don’t sit this one out! Come coach with me to get in control of your brain, of your emotions. In control of the love you want to create for yourself in this life!!

This is your chance to lead yourself, and future generations, to feel loved and safe in a world we know will continue to exist and nourish us for eons to come. Email me at and say "let's talk" to set up a time to chat with me about just how we will get you there.

With Love,



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