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Jade’s Story: From Despair To Laughing And Loving

In Episode #9 of Highly Sensitive, Happily Married my highly sensitive client, Jade, was having a very rough time with her man, taking things personally, feeling angry at him much of the time along with a lot of blame and resentment. And he was not being very proactive about improving things. She wasn’t sure the relationship could work.

Luckily, she listened to her inkling that maybe she could shift the tides by making some changes herself.

After coming to me and diving into taking responsibility for what she could, things are SO much better.

Their relationship is light and laughter-filled, he surprises her with romantic gestures she had always craved, they feel so much closeness and love, and when hard things do come up, tension melts away so easily.

She’s feeling so proud of herself for having transformed things in such big ways and confident that their relationship is just getting better every day.

In this interview, she shares what the biggest keys for her were to create such amazing shifts.

Don’t miss this real life success story that will bring you hope and inspiration, along with some concrete take-aways, so you, too, can sway the tides of your marriage for the incredibly better.

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