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Little Shifts = Big Change In Your Love Life

For highly sensitive people, who can tend towards perfectionism and getting overwhelmed easily, sometimes the idea of doing the work to improve your marriage can feel daunting and like just too much.

Especially if you are recognizing that you have some work on your end of things and feel you’re not doing things “right”, or you're feeling a bit discouraged that things aren't changing as fast as you'd like, even with all the efforts you've been putting in.

Thinking this way will always slow us down or even stop us from making changes. Ultimately it keeps us from the happiness we want in love.(This episode will change all that for you)

Luckily, the truth is actually very different. Making huge improvements in your marriage does NOT need to be an overwhelming undertaking. It’s not nearly so hard as you may have thought.

Listen in as I tell you how it’s actually done and the way to think about it that will make it feel EASY and totally doable to start making difference right now in your marriage.

In this episode, I offer you some words of big encouragement and leave you feeling hopeful and ready to start ( or keep!) putting one foot in front of the other --the only way to actually change things and bring the love you want into your marriage.

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