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Love Is The Reward

Today, in episode 15, I bring you a fresh perspective on love -- one that will allow you to feel so much more love in your marriage.

We love love. Unless we have some misconceptions about it, which many people do. I know I used to, and it actually made it so I experienced LESS love than I was able to. A whole lot less.

I used to think if my husband did things I didn’t like, and I still felt lots of love for him, he’d get away with things he shouldn’t.

But this way of thinking made me miss out on feeling love. And on getting more of it in return.

If you don’t understand love as it is and where it comes from, you may very well be depriving yourself of a huge amount of it.

Listen in to this episode to understand what I mean. Because love is an essential nutrient. I want you to have lots of it! Having tons of love in your relationship and life is your birthright. This episode will open the doorway to it.

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