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Luanne's Story: From Overcare To True Enjoyment

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

So many highly sensitive women fall into a habit of Overcare (see episode 93 to learn all about it), and it leads to a lot of annoyance, resentment and negativity in their relationships. Some months ago, my client Luanne was no different.

Until she came to work with me. Then she shifted it all, and is now truly enjoying her now husband and her life so much more–and feeling more peaceful than ever…despite life being, well, life.

Listen in as she tells her story and we talk about:

  • How trying to “make” others happy can make us so unhappy as sensitive people.

  • How she harnessed the power of her thinking to break out of the life-sucking pattern of overcare and stays peaceful (or gets back there easily–even during difficult life events)

  • How she makes everyday one she truly enjoys with her man (instead of one that felt negative and hard).

  • How she changed her thought patterns to have so much more lightness and enjoyment in all her family relationships!!

  • What shifting these habits took.

  • How she stopped doing all of the planning and chores herself (and resenting him for it) and worked with her partner to step up more.

  • How she influences her honey to proactively grow alongside her.

  • How she incorporates the things she learned and skills she developed though our coaching everyday for more peace, enjoyment and love

  • How highly sensitive women are so well positioned for having great positive influence in our relationships (and what that takes).

  • Her words of advice to you to make your marriage one you truly enjoy, too!

All of this is illustrated with tangible easily-relatable stories from her life and relationship.

Luanne talks about the same approaches and tools I do (since I taught her them!) , but in her own way, which will help you understand them in a new light. This conversation has so many little gems of wisdom all throughout, so perk your ears and enjoy this special episode.

Not seeing your preferred podcast listening platform? It's on most, so search for "Highly Sensitive, Happily Married" there!



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