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Navigating Conflict And Upset For More Love; Lauren's Story

When my client Lauren first came to me, she felt anxious about her relationship and all the hard emotions and conflict that was coming up. She was waiting for “the other shoe to drop”, and in need of lots of reassurance from her partner that she was loved and things were going to be alright. It was not a dynamic that led to security and feeling close to the man she loved.

These days things couldn’t be better. She’s done a total 180-degree shift in how she handles conflict--one she didn’t even think was possible. Her relationship feels not only safe and deeply loving but like an arena in which both she and her partner are supported to follow their big dreams and passions in the world.

Listen to Lauren share:

  • How she’s come to be able to calmly deal with her big feelings and feel safe with all of them.

  • What she’s learned to be able to handle conflict in a way that leads to solving problems and feeling MORE love and connection than ever.

  • Specific things she’s done and perspective shifts she’s made--and you can too- that have changed everything.

  • How she is “harnessing” the power of her sensitivity to benefit her life and relationship (instead of letting it make it more challenging as she used to)

  • How she learned to experience the validation and love she was looking for and has come to feel cherished.

  • How her efforts have rippled out and up-leveled other prime aspects of her life, and how she now feels she--and all HSPs-- can make a powerful impact on the world around us.

Lauren truly embodies the best of an HSP when we learn to honor our sensitivity and grow our relationship skills.

Listen in to see the immense power one woman has when she decides to change her relationship to make it deeply loving, safe, fun and connected.

Come laugh, cry, and feel how much is possible for you in your marriage, too.

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