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Negative Emotion Aversion And Authenticity Inhibition

Today, in this episode we are talking about Communication and Authenticity Inhibition (which is one of the biggest things that stops many HSPs from actually having the relationship we want) and their cause: Negative Emotion Aversion.

We dive into how this all gets in the way of healthy effective communication (like asking for what we want), makes it hard to be honest and authentic in our relationships, adds a whole lot of unnecessary suffering to our lives, and ultimately prevents us from growing a deeper love and understanding of each other in our marriages.

Unfortunately, Negative Emotion Aversion has been perpetuated by the message we receive from our society, and from our brains' natural biases.

Luckily, you can change all that. It starts with understanding how aversion to negative emotion is harming you, and beginning to think about negative emotions in a way that will bring you so much more peace and ease, and a sense of being free to be you --and loved for it-- in your life and marriage.

Listen in to hear me break it down for you in this episode.

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