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Our Love Is Fragile Syndrome (And The Remedy)

Our Love Is Fragile Syndrome is a silent “syndrome” (not a scientific term!) that lurks invisibly in the background of so many relationships and causes a lot of pain and disconnection --where there could instead be lots of love.

If you tend to find yourself wondering if your love can last, or if your partner really loves you, if you tend to read a lack of love into your husband's actions, or you feel you need to avoid conflict or not let your partner know certain aspects of you, you may be suffering with this syndrome to some degree.

It causes couples to miss out on experiencing the love that is there between them and leads to bigger conflicts, lots of misunderstanding, shame and hurt feelings, weaponizing the concept of love languages, and to both of you feeling alone in your marriage, and ultimately CAN lead the marriage to a place of fragility.

This “syndrome” comes from the default natural way our brains tend to work, along with a very normal misalignment in many couples “love languages”.

Luckily, all this is curable.

Listen to this episode to learn just what The Love Is Fragile Syndrome is, identify if it may be lurking in the background of your marriage, and learn the 3 step remedy process to get you back to feeling a foundation of loving security in your marriage.

Healing this syndrome is marriage saving. Because it is from that renewed sense of love that it's easier to improve communication, solve typical problems, be your authentic full-hearted selves with each other, and ultimately build deeper and deeper physical and emotional intimacy over the course of your lives together. Listen and subscribe via Apple Podcasts, or Stitcher , PlayerFM. Leave a review in Apple Podcasts. Listen on Spotify, IHeart Radio, and Google Podcasts, or Pandora.

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