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Revolutionizing Men, Their Feelings, And Love With Casey Desharnais

If you’ve ever felt like your man doesn’t love you enough, or you long for a kind of connection with him that feels ever-elusive, this episode (#7 of Highly Sensitive, Happily Married Podcast) will help you really understand that it is not because of who you are. It’s not that he doesn’t love you. Actually, it’s not even about you.

Not understanding your partner’s inner world is no surprise--he’s likely quiet or mum about it. But once you do begin to understand what’s really going on for him, and you see it’s not personal, it will open the doorway for you to experience way more connection and love between you.

Join men’s coach, Casey Desharnais, and I in this extra special episode as we take a deep dive into:

  • what’s really going on for men

  • what most men are not articulating to us, or even to themselves.

  • why it is so often that we women don’t feel our husband’s are able to go deep in connection

  • why open honest communication can be hard

  • why men get aloof or shut down, or can be so quick to get defensive

  • why making them feel they need to be different or get things “right” completely backfires and takes you further from the true closeness you want.

  • And what we can do about all this to help bring more of a deep sense of safety and closeness into your relationship together.

This episode offers you some serious gems of insight and will be a huge “AHA!” for so many of you.

You’ll walk away with a tender heart, a sense of being on the same team, and significant insight into how to help the healing take place between and within both of you that will not just make your marriage a deeply loving connected one, but will help our whole human species begin to heal into more loving respectful, compassionate beings.

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Casey’s book recommendations:

No More Mr. Nice Guy By Dr. Robert Glover

The Will To Change: Men, Masculinity, and Love by bell hooks

I Don’t Want To Talk About it, by Terry Real

Casey’s work with The Alliance

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