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Team Future Generations

Your well-being in love isn’t just for you. Developing the skillset it takes to have a marriage you love is not just for you--or your partner (although it is a HUGE gift that you deserve to give yourself, and your partner will benefit from it, too!) Learning the skillset to have a marriage you love is ALSO for the future generations. It is to pass down ways of relating that WORK, that create connection and understanding and tolerance of differences, that lead to genuine love without conditions.*

It is to pass down ways of relating that don’t add more power struggles and division to this world. Ways that bring connectedness and teamwork and interconnected support. ...That leave the world BETTER than you found it. You are one of the players in team earth. In Team Future Generations. Especially as a highly sensitive person! The beautiful thing is, it is NOT sacrificing yourself for the future beings that will help them. It is CHOOSING yourself, your own emotional well-being, your own joy and capacity to experience LOVE deeply here in this life ... THAT’S what will help the future generations. But it's got to be REAL genuine well-being, fulfillment, and love. Not fake fleeting happiness. Not the shortcut to feeling good that only lasts for a few moments, or, at best, weeks: getting others to be the source of your emotional well-being. It's got to be becoming your own source of emotional wellness:

  • Learning how to always have your own back, to always know how to love and support yourself through hard feelings, to steward your own mind and emotions back to peace, confidence, internal security, and towards connection, intimacy, empowered sensitivity, understanding, respect, love, and trust in your partner.

  • Knowing how to say no without guilt, to say yes and give freely only when out of genuine generosity-- and even when and if to walk away, feeling peaceful in your heart and in deep integrity.

  • Trusting yourself to love your partner for the person he is. Not for HIM, but for you.

  • And always, no matter what happens, trusting yourself to show up AS the woman you want to be.

The wellspring of all this is developing DEEP safety, deep sovereignty within your sensitive self, and a deep clear knowing your worth as a sensitive woman. If you’re looking for a place to start, dive into these 3 recent Highly Sensitive Happily Married podcast episodes: Where A Culture Of Love And Safety In Your Marriage Begins (#33), Insourcing Validation (Instead Of Outsourcing It)( #34), Self-Worth In Love (#35) And if you are ready move beyond just “getting it” intellectually, please understand this: When you build all this into your bones and start LIVING this, that is when you change your marriage (and, really, every aspect of your life) in the best possible ways... naturally… ... and you pass down a love legacy that fuels an enormously better life for all the future humans that come after you. A life of way more love, sensitivity, and deep connection.

This is what we'll do for you (in simple doable steps) when you come coach with me. Schedule your consult call to learn more and get started here.



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