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The Best News About Your Feelings

You may have caught on already, but let’s bring this into sharp focus: You shape your emotional experiences SO deeply.

This is the best news EVER. Because it means you have so much more power over how you feel in your relationship--and how the relationship goes-- than you've ever known. It’s time to learn to access this power--what I call Emotional Agency.

In this episode, you’ll delve deeper into what you’ve learned in earlier episodes and hear many concrete examples that will help you see exactly where your feelings come from (likely not where you’ve always assumed they come from) so you can:

  • develop a whole new, way more empowered relationship with your emotions.

  • start to soften, influence, and guide your emotions, regardless of outside circumstances

  • Start to feel way less disappointment, resentment, frustration and upset, and WAY MORE ease, love, lightness, and closeness, so you can naturally make your marriage how you want it to be.

It all starts by being truly open to understanding the real source of your feelings, so dig in.

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