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The Emerging New Paradigm of Marriage

Sometimes you hear something that changes everything, and puts you in a state of mind that leads to finally being able to bring a big dream to life. This must listen episode may very well be that for you.

Because if you are like most of the women I talk to and work with, you want a new level of intimacy with your spouse: a real partnership that is tender, connected, deeply supportive and nurturing in all realms– intellectually, physically, emotionally, domestically, in terms of each other's dreams and inner life. You want to feel like your significant other is a true team with you in life.

And it's really important that you get this! For you, for our world, even for your partner.

But, this is really a NEW paradigm when it comes to committed relationships and marriage. It's still just emerging.

And, unfortunately, the old and recent paradigms of marriage that still live on in many of us (which I will explain today), are making it harder to bring our partners onboard and make this new, beautiful vision we have of marriage come to life. So we are left frustrated, disappointed, resentful, and questioning if we can have the kind of relationships we really want with our current partner.

It doesn't have to be this way. You CAN (in most cases) open the door for your partner to be that full partner you want, and your marriage to be the NEW supportive and nurturing-in-all-realms marriage we women want. Especially as an HSP.

To do so, it will help you SO MUCH to understand the old school paradigm of marriage, and how it still colors so much in our marriages, and also the recent (or current)  paradigm of marriage–both of which are, though perhaps empowering for one individual in the relationship, very relationally disempowering overall! We dive into this today.

Then you’ll learn about what it takes to leave those old painful paradigms behind, step into relational empowerment (not just individual empowerment), and finally birth the new marriage we want so badly.

This is an essential and healing episode that will soften and sweeten your world with forgiveness and understanding, as well as empower and compel you to relate to your partner in such a way that gets him collaborating to bring this new paradigm of marriage very much alive between you. Listen in.

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