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The End Of Male Bashing; The Start Of Better Loving

  As women, we often go to our friends and other people in our lives when something isn't going as well as we want with our partner, or when an issue comes up. And it’s only natural to want to get support that way. 

But, it is all too easy when we do that to fall into the toxic trap of griping, venting and male-bashing — even WITH the big sensitive conscientious hearts we tend to have as HSPs.

Some things in our culture are so widely practiced that they're accepted without any thought that they might be damaging. And this one is such a sneakily toxic part of our culture, with such damaging effects to our men,  to us and our relationships,  that it needs to be talked about, and faced.

So today we are going to dive into it, along with why it’s a problem for your relationship (and the world), why to stop doing it, and what to do instead to help your marriage become the loving, connected, fulfilling one you want–and still being able to go to your friend to get support and commune about your relationships!

I know you want to live in a world where relationships are filled with mutual respect, deep care, kindness, and real love, so come take a step towards bringing that to life in your own marriage today, and be part of leaving this emotionally destructive habit forever in the past.

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