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The Hurt of Care Distortion

One of the underlying causes of my first marriage ending was because of what I call Care Distortion. It wrecked me, leading me to feel like my husband didn't care about me enough, and took a huge toll on how good my then hubby and I felt with each other.

 Today, I tell you all about my story with it, and how it is very possibly affecting your relationship too, as it does so many highly sensitive women. If you ever feel like your partner doesn't care enough about you, or you’re not so important to him, or he doesn't value you enough, this episode is especially for you.

 I know how painful it can feel. It not only hurts, but, at least for me and many of the women I work with, it tends to lead to real frustration, anger, and resentment… And all of these feelings can end up making the whole relationship much more difficult and fraught with tension, arguments, and cold wars…

But in most cases, this is totally something YOU can change, just like I did. It has everything to do with Care Distortion. Listen in to learn: 

  • what Care Distortion is, 

  • where it comes from in the first place, 

  • why it's more common for HSPs than non-HSPs, 

  • why it causes so much pain and discord, 

  • and what you can do to put an end to it.

When care distortion is no longer happening in your marriage, you will feel so much lighter, more peaceful and loved– and you’ll be free to start having a whole lot more laughter, fun, and all the good stuff that you most want in your marriage.

Listen in here  or below to find out how you can, too!

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