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The Lie Of "I'm Not good Enough"

When we feel not good enough, we create "not good enough" relationships.

It turns out that most all of us, if we poke around enough, feel this way about ourselves on some level. For some of us it's subtle, for others it's glaring.

Either way, it IS affecting your life and relationship in negative ways.

Not only does it feel awful, but not feeling fully up to par as a human can cause a whole variety of troubles in our relationship:

  • It can show up as control and lead to power struggles.

  • It can express itself as neediness, feeling easily hurt, abandoned, offended... and not loved enough.

  • It can lead to being critical of others, and lashing out, or hiding parts of you away. And much more...

None of which make marriage the loving zone in is meant to be.

In this video I share with you why feeling not good enough is actually LIE. An error your brain in making. An error that you can learn to AVOID making.

I describe the 2 biases of the brain--natural ways the human brain functions --that keep you feeling bad about yourself and locked into love-corrosive habits.

Once you simply understand what's going on in your brain, you'll be able to recognize when it's happening --and therefore set yourself free from this damaging belief and its affects on your love life. So you can begin to feel safer, more lovable, and more secure in the love in your marriage.

If you are truly ready to be done forever with feeling not good enough--and all the troubles it creates in your relationship, come coach with me. You truly can feel deep down good about who you are and so sure of the deep the love in your marriage. Email me to chat about what it will look like for us to get you there.



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