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The Sensitive Boost (and Plummet) Effect

Today I bring you some scientific researched- backed HOPE for you and your marriage. If you are an HSP, this is essential knowledge about yourself and what’s possible for you.

Did you know that being an HSP makes it more likely for you to arrive at the happiness you want in your marriage, when you put certain conditions in place? Because you have a special advantage as an HSP in this area. It’s true! In this episode, I will tell you all about it and some of the science that proves it. There is something special about us HSPs: our sensitivity, which can make it either easier (it can BOOST you) or harder to be WELL (it can PLUMMET you) in this life, depending on some things. Learn what those things are–and how to BEST take advantage of this special aspect of your sensitivity in this episode. When you know this, you will be best positioned ( and I mean better positioned than most ALL other humans) to make your marriage come alive with the mutual love, support and connection you want, and to feel deeply WELL as a human being. Listen in.

Listen in here or below to find out how you can, too!

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