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True Wealth with Mark Yegge (and Einstein's Ghost)

We all want a life full of what is most important to us, full of “Wealth” of the emotional, relational, and also financial, kind–or what my guest, Mark Yegge, a “wealth architect” and money manager, calls “balanced abundance”.

In other words, we want the wealth of feeling good, feeling secure, feeling healthy, feeling connected, loved, and fulfilled in this life. There is solid research that proves this.

Even Einstein, the most brilliant scientific mind of his time, was super clear about what actually makes humans feel most alive and abundant. (In this episode we share the most beautiful secret letter he wrote to his daughter—it will truly just melt your heart!!)

Unfortunately, because of the culture we live in, it’s easy to end up (almost by accident) over-focusing on things that don't actually lead us to that happiness and fulfillment. That lead, instead, to what I call Emotional Poverty. Mark and I have both seen all too many people lose track of what most matters to them by over-focusing on the pursuit of a successful career and financial abundance (or what we think is just financial security), while under-focusing on the things that actually bring them Emotional wealth and TRUE security.

Since you're here, you have a pretty good sense that relationships are a prime way to the happiness and meaning you want in this life. But you're likely (even to just a small degree) to fall under the influence of cultural programming that, by no fault of our own, distracts you from being able to make your important relationships the truly fulfilling and life-giving ones you know they are meant to be.

Luckily, it’s not so hard to re-align with what matters most to you, which is HOW you will be able to bring more TRUE WEALTH, the kind that matters most to YOU,  into your life, starting today. It can just take a bit of remembering –and intention.

So listen to this fun, laughter-filled, not-to-be-missed  conversation,  where Mark and I dive straight into the heart of all of this. You’ll come away with your heart energized and a surge of motivation to bring what most matters to YOU alive in your life, so you can feel genuinely happier and more fulfilled --and wealthy in all ways--as an HSP.

Listen in here  or below to find out how you can, too!

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