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What You Make It Mean Means Everything In Love

In this episode I have a powerful tool for you that you can start applying right away to limit a lot of the unnecessary pain and negative emotion that may be going on for you, so you can and start to have so much more influence over your experience in your relationship. It’s a go-to tool I use regularly in my own marriage.

Your brain is a meaning-making-machine. It creates meaning automatically. This means you are already influencing your own emotions majorly...although likely unconsciously and in a way that makes your relationship harder and more painful.

Why not, instead, learn how to do it on purpose and in a way that brings you more connection, understanding and depth? How? Become the steward of that meaning-making brain of yours.

Once you become adept with this tool, it will also be very powerful in actual conversation with your partner, as a way to share what’s upsetting or not working for you in your relationship really effectively. It helps avoid getting a defensive reaction and creating unnecessary conflict and, instead, makes it way easier for your partner to really hear you. It even lets him “in” more, so he can really know you more deeply, leading to more understanding, respect, and closeness between you.

Curious about this tool yet? Dig in to learn.

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