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When And How to Share A Complaint

When your significant other has done something that anger or hurts you, you may want to share a complaint-–or what I call a grievance– with them, especially if it is eating away at your or you feeling it is coming between you as a couple.

Sharing a grievance with your partner can be an important part of building a relationship that is full of loving sensitivity, collaboration, and care for each other. But only if you aren't making the mistakes the most of us make when we do it! And only if done skillfully. In this episode, you will learn:

  • The 4 common mistakes we tend to make as women when we go to air our grievances.

  • Why when you make them you won’t get the change or support you want

  • What you need to do instead to create the conditions to most effectively share in the future

  • The 2 prime ingredients you must embrace to enter into the conversation when the time comes

  • And the 9 steps to actually voicing the grievance in a way that your partner can hear– and is most likely to inspire him to want to do things differently in the future, and pour some living support on you right then and there…

…All illustrated with a real personal example of sharing a grievance with my own husband so you can get a sense of the process in action. This episode comes with a warning! So listen in, but make sure you listen all the way through so you don’t go use this powerful process prematurely (which will backfire)… …and so you can instead understand what it truly takes to share about painful things that you have big feelings about in a way that is truly effective in making your relationship better, more loving, and more attuned and connected over time. Dive in.

Listen in here or below to find out how you can, too!

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